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Welcome dear readers. Always know that these message hold the intention of guiding readers toward a higher understanding and awareness of what is taking place both within and without. These are times of intense clearings because all old energy that has been stored and carried from past lives must be cleared in order to align with the higher frequencies of spiritual ascension.


However, do not worry about how to do it. If your intention is to spiritually evolve, you are already doing it–often in dreams and sometimes through conscious experiences that force you to confront particular issues.


The energy of intense experiences such as those involving fear, pain, or violent death usually remain deeply hidden where the person does not have to think about or relive them and believes they are gone. These stored energies are not gone but rather remain active just below conscious awareness where they influence the person's decisions, likes, dislikes, choices, and beliefs etc. until cleared.


Torture, violent death, and abuse of all kinds were common experiences in earlier less evolved lifetimes and even though a most people do not consciously remember these experiences the body's cells do, causing irrational fear and anxiety around certain places, events, people, and belief systems.


For example, a person who died in one or more lifetimes from drowning will continue to have an automatic fear response to being on, in, or around water. They may take calming medications, see a therapist, and even force themselves to be close to or in water in order to make themselves"normal"but the underlying frequencies of fear will continue to manifest until no longer present.


Clearings often begin as a three dimensional experience that closely resembles the original experience but only take place when a person is ready to clear something that they may not even be aware of which is determined by the Higher Self. Even the very spiritually evolved will often find themselves faced with some troubling physical, emotional, mental, or spiritual issue that seemed to come out of nowhere.


The clearing of some long carried old energy is often a pre-birth choice. Prior to incarnating a soul prepared to clear something that has affected every lifetime, will choose to be born into a family or situation that will re-activate the energy they have chosen to clear. Example; A person who suffered sexual abuse in a very early life and formed a consciousness of un-empowerment, low self worth, and sexual abuse will choose a family with this same energy in order to reactivate it, embrace their power, recognize its nothingness, and once and for all clear it becoming a state of consciousness where the issue no longer exists.


A person who has been an alcoholic in many lifetimes may choose a family with this same issue. A person with fear of heights may choose to live in a country of mountains and cliffs. The person with fear of water may choose to incarnate into a family that makes their living from the water-fishing, sports, or recreation.


Once on earth, most do not remember their pre-birth choices and cannot understand or why they are having negative experiences that seem to repeat but because on a higher level their intention is to clear , most eventually find a way to do it.


An important aspect of clearing is that every person consciously intend to clear all vows, promises, oaths, forever commitments etc. made to persons or religions. Almost every person has lived one or more life in a convent, monastery, or ashram and sincerely took vows and made oaths fully embracing their teachings. Until cleared these old vows and oaths remain active and continue affect a person's life.


A person who continually struggles with abundance may very well be manifesting the energy of one or more sincerely taken vows of poverty. Promises of everlasting love made to another long ago may well be why a particular person is continually showing up in ones life–wanted or not.


Earth clears through what are called natural disasters. Earth, being an idea in the mind of God, is a living soul and not a piece of dirt to be used and abused by ego minds. She has endured thousands of years of war, violence, and the raping of her resources to say nothing of mankind's violence toward her many life forms. Natural disasters are her way of clearing old energy although some natural disasters are not so much natural as man created.


Some natural disasters are the result of the clash between the high resonating energy pouring to earth and the denser energy already in place but natural disasters are NEVER a punishment from God as some believe. The concept of punishment does not and never has existed in Divine Consciousness. Would God punish ITself?


Imagine an infinite ball of Light with millions of streamers flowing out from it. See the streamers fully as bright as the ball because they are extensions of the ball like rays of sun. Now see the streamers become duller, less bright as they move further away from the ball eventually becoming slower and denser manifesting must less of their original radiance.


This is the story of mankind, of what happened when expressions of pure Light forgot who and what they were and became trapped in the dense, low resonating, and false energy they encountered. However, every streamer forever remains a streamer of Light and after many lifetimes of playing games of separation, pretending to be bad or good, and experiencing all that separation can offer, the streamer begins to seek for more and remembers their Light.


Divine Consciousness is always flowing and expressing ITself but cannot be understood by the limited conditioned human mind so do not attempt to do so even as some believe and preach that they have done it.


God can be understood because God is continually manifesting and revealing ITself to ITself but a mind or consciousness already filled to capacity with concepts of duality, separation, and two powers cannot hear the still small voice of God.


The purpose of meditation is to quietly center and prepare ones self to receive and hear SELF silently reveal ITself.

來自:Marilyn Raffaele      譯者:NickChan

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