2023年8月8日 星期二



Welcome to your message dear ones for in reality these messages constitute the receptivity and consciousness of the readers because there is only one. Just as you are the fullness of Divine Consciousness individualized, so are we and all who have chosen to express on other planets in forms that may differ from yours. No one is or ever has been created better, more special, or holier than another because there is only one life. Some are simply more awake than others.


We speak often of the intense personal and global clearings that are taking place at this time and it is important to understand that any energy unable to align with the refined frequencies of ascension will automatically clear or change and not just those that are fear based and traumatic. Many of you are experiencing a sense of sadness, depression, and of belonging nowhere as you realize that much that brought the"old you"happiness and satisfaction is finished and nothing seems to be replacing it.


Do not deny, resist, or ignore the past because remembering and moving through it is a facet of the clearing process. You may find yourself feeling nostalgia or a sense of loss as you ponder both the good and bad of childhood, youth, and young adult memories because things seemed easier when living commonly accepted beliefs.


Clinging to emotions of and nostalgia for the past gives them an energy that will affect your life, choices and decisions. Remember that as Divine Beings you are creators. Those who spend their lives trying to recreate the highlights of their past, or reliving them through constant retelling believe that these things constitute their personal value and worthiness.


Those living fully in a third dimensional state of consciousness will experience these beliefs, but those who are spiritually awake should consider nothing to have been wrong, a mistake, irrelevant, or accidental because the pre-birth decisions of the spiritually evolved are well planned and often intense with a long list of experiences they believe necessary for spiritual growth and even ascension–the completion of unfinished business with one or more and the clearing of remaining old energies while adding Light and awareness to the collective.


Those choosing to live from a third dimensional state of consciousness will continue to experience the effects of duality and separation but their spiritual evolution is a given. Free will allows a person to delay it and many are doing that, but it can never be stopped because ONEness with God is the reality underlying all that exists.


It is important to understand that nothing real is ever lost because everything seen, heard, tasted, smelled, and touched in the material world is a three dimensional interpretation of its spiritual reality. The dissolving of the current form of some belief, idea, or thing will simply allow it to manifest in higher and better forms as consciousness evolves. You are seeing this now as increasingly more people are starting to disregard many long held concepts about people and life in favor of ways that are fairer and more loving.


Allow the process, dear ones. Human minds are unable to understand much of what is taking place physically, emotionally, mentally, and even spiritually because human minds draw from the collective and not from within. In attempts to serve you the mind may send warnings of something wrong as new and higher frequencies integrate and clearings manifest as pain or some physical issue. Talk to the cells of your body telling them not to fear but rather allow the incoming higher resonating light energies to replace the dense vibrations they are accustomed to.


In our last message we spoke of the still small voice. Many serious students of truth become discouraged waiting for a voice that never seems to come. It is imperative that you let go of any and all old religious concepts about how the still small voice should or will manifest. The still small voice is silent and you may or may not be aware of it although occasionally it does take the form of a loud voice if that is what is necessary for safety or a needed wake up call. Know that even if you are not aware of it, whenever you sincerely open yourself to the Divine within there is connection, Meditation is NEVER a failure.


Know that you are pure consciousness, bodies of Light that appear material in the low resonating energy of present day earth. You may own a car, but you never become the car. You may travel in an airplane but never become the airplane. You are not a bright ball that you see inside or outside your physical body. You are not a spot between your eyes. Nothing exists separate from Consciousness so cease seeking to connect to a concept of God outside of you.


Accept that every life–people of all colors, animals, trees and plants, are pure Divine Consciousness. Just as you speak of a body of water, think of yourself as a body of God.


The still small voice is the conscious experiencing of the activity of Divine Consciousness individualized as your own SELF when your own consciousness is in alignment with IT/ SELF.Divine Consciousness is infinitely expressing the fullness of ITself in, as and though all IT's expressions.


Regardless of appearances, every person is the fullness and not just a part of the one omnipresent, omnipotent, and omniscient Divine Consciousness. When a person attains a state of consciousness able to align with the Divine Consciousness of their own being, IT automatically manifests ITs qualities through them because the door has been opened.


Mind, being an avenue of awareness and interpreter, translates the completeness, wholeness, abundance, intelligence, harmony, etc. etc. of your own Divinity into what is needed because it now has access to the substance of all form. Be careful that you do not hold concepts of how or what those forms should be. Let omniscience determine that.


Most of you have already experienced the activity of your oneness but were not aware of it–A needed answer that seems to come from nowhere, the solution to some problem, an idea for an invention, a new avenue of supply, even finding the perfect home or car to buy. This flow of God qualities is not random, but rather personal to each person. The surgeon will not get ideas about how to fix a car (unless that is what is needed) and the mechanic will not be shown a new surgical technique.


Because Divine Consciousness is all that is, IT knows only ITself. The illusory dreams of conditioned human minds do not exist in Divine Mind which makes praying to God for material things useless and foolish.


Seek the source and substance of things rather than things themselves for when you have the substance (consciousness), you automatically have its manifestations. Seeking the concepts of good while ignoring their substance constitutes the human condition.


Anything created from duality, separation, and two powers must come and go, be good or bad, alive or dead, sick or well, rich or poor etc. because these energies have no real substance to maintain or sustain their expressions.


Look only to Divine Consciousness which is closer than breathing, nearer than hands and feet.

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