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Welcome, dear readers. Know that we and the many others presently working with you from this side honor, respect, and appreciate the work you are doing on the front lines. Even if you feel like you are doing nothing, know that just the presence of your state of consciousness is helping to lift the world collective. We are assisting earth's ascension process from this side but you have the more difficult job of working in it while not of it.


This message is about trust. You came to earth filled with hope and excitement, confident that you were well prepared to play a role in earth's ascension process but after years of waiting with seemingly no change, many of you are finding that your trust in the process is waning. Ask yourselves, have you put your trust in three dimensional concepts about the ascension process–how it would or should look, unfold, and when?


Ascension energy is presently being experienced by most as the weakening of trust the majority has always held for government, health care, education, and religious leaders, which indicates collective awakening and personal empowerment. Waning trust in and the questioning of long established authorities however subtle, is a sign of change and awakening–the ascension process.

當看到一個混亂、戰爭、暴力行為增加、天災和所謂的"領導人"更專注於連任和扮演"城堡之王"而不是真正該做的事情的世界時,即使是精神上清醒的人也可能會失去信任 為了他們被選為服務對象的利益。你可能會問;"這一切是我錯了嗎?真的有神的計劃嗎?地球真的揚升到更高維度了嗎?"

Even the spiritually awake may be tempted to lose trust when looking out at a world of chaos, war, increasing acts of violence, natural disasters, and"leaders"more focused on getting re-elected and playing"king of the castle"than working for the good of those they were elected to serve. You may ask;"Was I wrong about all this? Is there really a Divine Plan? Is earth really ascending to a higher dimension?"


You are spiritually ready and prepared for the work you came to do which is to live in the three dimensional world but not be of it through a consciousness that understands that the negativity now rampant around the world indicates the presence of high frequency Light breaking down much that has held mankind in bondage.


Temples built on sand must crumble and dissolve both within and without in order for that which is of a new and higher resonance to replace them. The habit of interpreting world issues as being three dimensional problems having nothing to do with the ascension process remains strong. Release any concepts about how things should or should not be because the human mind is unable to see the bigger picture. Stand in the Light of your highest spiritual awareness and simply observe.


High frequency energies pouring to earth at this time as well as those you automatically carry with you in consciousness are serving to break apart that which is out of alignment with them. This means that many traditions, beliefs, and many so called"right"ways are and will continue to collapse. False beliefs are created, held in place, and maintained only through the belief in them and never by God. As increasingly more awaken to oneness and the higher truths, much that has been created from beliefs of duality , separation, and two powers will simply fade away


You may wonder about so many natural disasters but remember, earth is a living soul who must also clear pockets of lower resonating and dense energy. Gaia's body and waterways have been mindlessly polluted, built on, used for war, her parts depleted (oil, minerals etc.), used as a dump for garbage and nuclear waste, covered in concrete, de-forested, poisoned, and considered as something to be used selfishly for monetary gain by humans for generations. Gaia is a living soul, a Divine Idea in the Mind of God and she has chosen reclaim herSelf.


A second and important point with regard to natural disasters is that for many they are an introduction to the idea of oneness. They often serve to open the hearts and minds of those who have believed themselves to be separate from the problems or needs of others. For the first time they are beginning to take notice, acknowledge, and even assist the needs and struggles of others. It may well be their first step in opening to oneness.


Everything embodied in Divine Consciousness is held infinitely in place by Divine Law which cannot be broken or changed. If lack, disease, limitation, or discords of any kind were embodied in Divine Consciousness, they would automatically exist forever, held in place by Divine Law, and never able to be changed or be healed. This is why it is foolish and in fact idolatry, to beg, pray, or make sacrifices to some three dimensional concept of God in an attempt to get him to fix, heal, and change something that does not even exist in reality and simply gives more energy to the illusion,

相信因為只有"一",所以它是一切存在的基礎、法則和實質。 除了一還能從哪裡來? 瞭解並接受這一點會自動開啟一個人的進化之旅,使其成為一種意識狀態,然後這些真理將開始向外表達。永遠不要忽視這樣一個事實,即對某些真理的理智認識只是第一步,它必須成為一個人的意識才能顯化,因為意識是形態的實質。

Trust that because there is only ONE, IT is the foundation, law, and substance of all that exists. Where could anything other than this IT come from? Knowing and accepting this automatically begins one's evolutionary journey toward it becoming a realized state of consciousness where these truths will then begin to express outwardly. Never lose sight of the fact that an intellectual knowledge of some truth is only the first step, it must become one's consciousness before it can manifest because consciousness is the substance of form.

精神意識意味著不再通過使用廣泛接納的概念—關於事物必須或應該如何才是正確的—來判斷外表。放下任何對與錯或好與壞的信念,要知道好的物質表象和壞的物質表象一樣都是幻象。上帝是…時期。 讓自己接受並完全相信,確實有一位上帝在無限地表達,將自己顯化為…與此相反的信念構成了頭腦形成的現實概念—幻象。

Spiritual awareness means no longer judging appearances by commonly accepted concepts about how things must or should be in order to be right. Let go of any beliefs about what is right and wrong or good and bad and know that good material appearances are just as illusory as the bad ones. God is…period. Allow yourselves to accept and fully trust that there really is a God infinitely expressing, manifesting ITself as… Beliefs contrary to this constitute mind formed concepts of reality–illusion.


Ask yourself;"Would or could an omnipresent God take pleasure in the suffering and destruction of ITself in expression as people, earth, animals, nature spirits, elementals, and the many other life forms that humans are not aware of? If there is only ONE Life, why does the majority believe itself to be separate from other life forms? How could a self-sustained, self-maintained Source form ITself as something destructive to ITself? What do I believe? What and who is the God of my consciousness?

通過提醒自己豐盛、安全、健康、和諧、完整已經存在,來回應可能會進入你意識的疑慮。沒有必要掙扎,祈禱,祈求或懇求,相信上帝會愛你和你的苦難,將痛苦和苦難交託給上帝,去避靜,或避免所有俗事煩擾,以實現這一目標 它已經完全存在於你身上。

Respond to the inner doubts that may come floating into your awareness by reminding yourself that abundance already is, safety already is, health already is, harmony already is, completeness already is. There is no need to struggle, pray, do ceremonies and rituals, beg or plead, offer pain and suffering to God in the belief that God loves your suffering, go to church, or refrain from all things human etc. in order to attain that which is already fully present in and as you.


Believe, trust, and live truth and it will become a state of consciousness that knows and experiences–


Everything I have been seeking, I already am.

來自:Marilyn Raffaele      譯者:NickChan

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