2022年2月22日 星期二



Dear brothers of this beautiful blue planet! I'M HILARION!


Being here today is a reason for great joy and delivery of a great amount of Light to everyone on this planet. My Green Ray encircles your planet. If you could visualize it, you would see that it is as if your planet is in a glass of green water, dipped into it. All the healing and balancing energy is working at every point on this planet at any given time.


Don't be surprised because apparently you don't see anything being healed. We hope that you begin to understand that everything is being done for those who are actually ready to live, who are ready to go through this whole process. Everyone on this planet is getting everything, there is no separation, there is no discrimination from anyone. It doesn't matter if the heart is of Light, if the heart is of darkness; everyone is getting. The ability to receive and perceive depends on the vibration of each of you.


So everything is being done and everything is happening; but only a few have the capacity to feel and believe what is being said. The entire physical layer of this planet is being cleansed, it's not an easy clean, it's not an easy cure. It is a long time of destruction and storage of negative energy in the soil and underground of this planet. Even your atmosphere is not clean. We have strength, yes, we have so much, that the cleaning is being done. If the strength of our rays were not enough for this cleaning, it would take you millennia to clean your planet. But this will not happen.


And why does this cleansing and healing need to be done? We have told you that you need to let go of everything that prevents you from walking, everything that is an obstacle in the way. It is as if you carry loads of weights around your neck, and as they are released, you begin to walk faster. Likewise Gaia. Gaia needs to get rid of these negative energies that are in her body, everywhere, let's say, inanimate on the planet. Your oceans, your lands… I'm not talking about animals or living beings here, I'm talking about the physical part of the planet. This is a great weight for Gaia and she needs to heal her entire interior so that she can ascend without pulling or carrying all that is there.


So these healing energies, these Green Ray healing dispensations, are cleansing and transmuting every point on the planet. Every day more inwardly, so that Gaia can free herself from all this. This Green Ray energy also reaches you. But it's up to each of you to enjoy it, accept it, let it play. Acting on the surface and within Gaia is simple and easy, because Gaia needs it and we are doing everything for her. Now you have free will, nothing can be imposed on you. Then the energy comes in, the Green Light of healing comes to each of you. Now it is up to you to accept it, to give this Light permission to act.


That's why you continue, even through this entire dispensation, exactly as you've always been, the same physical problems that you've always had. Some believe it, some have accepted it and are seeing improvement. And why is the improvement not 100%? Because you keep feeding the diseases. Every illness that appears in your body has a source that probably comes from the imbalance of your own soul. So healing only the physical, it doesn't help many times, because the source is still there, emanating the same problem and it will return or remain, it will never be cured.


So what do you need to do? Heal the soul, so that, by healing the soul, the consequences are healed in the physical body. So it's up to each of you to allow this healing and to understand that in making this decision, a lot can come out that you won't like. Every soul healing requires an action, which could be: a simple forgiveness, it could be a simple request for forgiveness or it could be an action in your world and these actions are sometimes complex and painful, and you refuse to do them. So at this point your soul will never be healed and the source of the problem will continue to emanate the energy that will keep the disease in your body.


So to heal the soul, you have to know and understand and agree to change, you have to understand that something needs to be done, you have to understand that you need to change your habits, your way of living, your relationships, everything; sometimes even at work.


We know that none of these points is easy to deal with, we are just saying that only with your change, the problems will definitely disappear. As long as you don't change, you think you can do a little bit here, a little bit there, the problem continues, it won't end. You need to effectively find the balance point of that act of your soul, so that it detaches itself from that problem and no longer generates the disease.


Maintaining balance, in everyday life, is also essential. Just say vibrant things, think positive things, act in a loving way, create a big barrier in your bodies against the diseases that are out there. If you can maintain yourself like this 24 hours a day, there is no disease, no external disease will attack you. And when a disease happens to attack you, you ask yourself, “But I did everything right, I vibrated high, why am I going through this?” And I can tell you: If you had actually done everything right, you wouldn't have been sick, you wouldn't have allowed the disease to enter.


So stop judging yourself, thinking you did everything you could and still got sick, accept that you didn't do what you should. This is the big point. You didn't act as you should, some point was off the axis, generating the imbalance and allowing the disease to enter. Don't try to think that you are perfect, that you acted 100% correctly and still got sick; this does not exist. If you got sick it's because you left some point open.


And I can tell you, there's the ego in the middle; where you think you are infallible, powerful, extremely balanced and affirm with all the letters: “It will never happen to me”. So this is all ego, and ego opens the door to disease. But this is also not the time for self-judgment. Anyone who is sick or has been sick, just accept it – you left a point open and this point has to be healed, this point has to be looked at head on, this point has to be understood. Because if it's not, you're susceptible to disease again. There is no room for self-judgment at this point, I repeat. It is up to understand, accept the mistake and then yes, you think and act differently. Only then will you be fully balanced and diseases will not appear.


Balance is the key. Balance, mind, body and spirit is the great key to protection. Because if your body is in balance, nothing that your soul could have brought will reach you, much less what comes from outside. So this is the big pillar that you need to keep: body, mind and spirit in balance. And what is this balance? Good food, lots of water, loving actions, fulfilling your tasks with love, overcoming obstacles with love, accepting the other as he is, with lots of love. Under no circumstances criticize anyone, judge anyone, force anyone to do anything.


The path belongs to each one. So each one at this moment is following the result of their soul journeys.


So look inside, forget about the other, only take care of those who still need you, because they still don't know how to live alone, in this case the children. Accept that your children have grown up and they also now have their own journey, don't try to force them into anything, they can make decisions for themselves. Advice is good, just advice, not impositions. So try to live within the balance, make this pillar. Be in total balance at each end and you will see how diseases, as if by magic, will move away from you.


There's not a phrase, there's not a mantra, that you can just say and heal and allow yourself to receive this energy. It is enough for you to want it, it is enough for you to accept what the universe is sending you. And how do you accept this energy? Keeping in balance; because those who are in balance, are aware, are trying to keep their pillars at the same level. And this Green Ray healing Light will act instantly. So there is nothing to ask for, there is what to do to effectively receive this healing energy.

來自:Anjos e Luz Terapias      譯者:NickChan

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