2022年5月27日 星期五



Thanks to modern technology, new evidence that human civilizations existed on Earth more than ten thousand years ago and earlier, is currently surfacing. This ancient part of the Earth’s history is slow to be recognized and even slower to be accepted, but the evidence can no longer be denied.


Long ago, advanced methods of healing were developed and used. Sacred Geometry in the form of pyramids, lay lines, and the natural electromagnetic grid of the Earth, all forgotten by modern cultures, were incorporated into healing and rejuvenation. Crystals were encoded and used to intensify these natural energy methods, resulting in the amplification of healing spots.


The Earth’s inhabitants at the time knew the location of the organic, telluric energies and how to use them to maintain and restore well-being. Even today, the innate power of the Earth to heal is still known. People go to water for recreation and to relax. Why, because water purifies and cleanses. There is more oxygen by the seashore as the waves break and the salt-water draws toxins from the body. In addition, many go to power spots to experience an increased level of Life Force Energy.


Modern archeologists, researching ancient sites have surmised that many old civilizations disappeared when ice caps melted and cities were inundated. The polar ice caps that are melting again, are comprised of ancient water, frozen for thousands or perhaps millions of years.


What secrets has that water kept for eons that is now being releasing into the oceans, into the fish that is eaten, and evaporating into the air that is breathed? Is the wisdom of the ancients becoming available once more, through the consciousness of the water? Ancient secrets and intelligence have once again been set free as a blessing to those who desire it and have dedicated their lives to manifesting it.


A library of consciousness has been stored away in ice, until the time was right. The water being re-born from the ice is the purest on Earth today. It contains the Love of the Earth, the most essential component of life. Through its vibration, a healing is taking place. Codes, which make up the pristine water, reside in the molecules and the anti-matter that surrounds each microscopic particle. They are returning just at the right time, for those living today to receive the benefit.


At the same time, modern, cutting-edge archeologists are discovering the ruins of previously forgotten ancient civilizations. The technology that went into the construction of these structures was far more advanced than can be replicated today. The question arises whether these beings were of extraterrestrial origins, but the question should be revised to ask if all living creatures on this planet are of extraterrestrial origins. More importantly, what is the energy that these ruins represent and hold? The highest wisdom and codes of the culture, which built the magnificent structures is preserved in the stone.


It is obvious, by the exactness of the measurements of ancient ruins that the builders were mathematically advanced. Based on that knowledge, it can be assumed that the innate programming, coded into the structures, possessed the ability to increase telluric, electromagnetic forces, create portals, and serve as healing and power spots. It was intended that their energy would be preserved.


In essence, even though the buildings were destroyed or buried by land or water, the vibration remains.


Some remaining ruins have codes etched and carved in them, designs, glyphs, and writing, which retain Sacred Geometric and Geomantic vibrations and ancient vibrational frequencies. When you allow yourself to experience the frequencies of the ancients, you may begin to remember. Once again you are forging a connection.

作者:Wendy Ann Zellea      譯者:NickChan

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