2022年11月5日 星期六


歡迎,親愛的讀者       Welcome dear readers.


The intensity of Light energies now flowing to earth have caused ordinary life for many to be difficult physically,emotionally,mentally,and even spiritually because it is dissolving and"stirring up" everything not in alignment with it.


Many old familiar ways are no longer working as they used to,and new issues needing to be dealt with seem to keep coming.


You were aware of what present times would be like before you chose to incarnate.


You knew that during this lifetime you would have experiences of chaos and confusion because earth and the collective was going enter into the process of evolving beyond the hypnotized state of consciousness governing her for eons.


Earth is moving beyond the dense and false and into the real where energies of a higher resonance will allow everything and everyone opportunities to evolve into an awareness of oneness with God and each other.

靈性進化和清醒的你們(編註:可能是指光之工作者) 被允許甚至被鼓勵在這個時刻處於地球上來幫助集體,你們進化意識的光會自動將光添加到集體中。在這段時間裡,有很多人想要待在地球上,但由於他們尚未擁有足夠的光以真正協助地球揚升過程而不被允許。

You who are spiritually evolved and awake were given permission and even encouraged to be on earth for these times where the Light of your evolved consciousness would automatically add Light to the collective.There were many who wanted to be on earth for these times,but were not allowed because they did not yet hold enough Light to really assist with earth's ascension process.


Earth is clearing vast pockets of dense violent,power over,and separation energies that have lain dormant in and on her for centuries.Every war,every act of violence against nature and each other,and every unjust act leaves an energetic footprint that does not suddenly dissipate when the war is done or the people go home.These pockets of energy remain in place until cleared through the presence of higher resonating energies that automatically dissolve and replace them.


For a long time there have been evolved individuals whose spiritual work has been to quietly visit locations still holding heavy dense energy(Battle sites etc.) and clear them by bringing in and flooding these places with Light,truth,and higher resonating energy.


The chaotic weather related events that earth is presently experiencing seemingly without pause are facets of earth's energy cleansing process.Earth must first clear herself of accumulated low resonating energy in order to integrate and flow the higher Light frequencies necessary to manifest a new and more spiritually evolved world.This is the same process individuals are going through at this time.


Earth is the manifestation of a idea in Divine Mind and as such automatically embodies all the qualities of Divine Consciousness–completeness,wholeness,peace,love,abundance,harmony,intelligence,etc.in fullness.As with all appearances,what human eyes see as earth is a third dimensional,material concept of God's perfect Divine Idea.Earth and all life forms on it are ONE.Humans are not separate from earth and that which is done to the earth,effects all.


There is and only ever has been ONE Divine Consciousness expressing ITself as all that is.All life forms,all varieties,all groups–elementals,devas,fairies,plus many many more are not fictional storybook characters,but are very real and just because physical eyes are unable to see their high resonating energy does not make them non-existent.


God is infinite creativity and as such is the source and substance of every form of creativity on all levels.Man,through the ignorance of three dimensional thinking based in duality and separation has come to believe that he is the only and highest form of life.The Devic,elemental,nature spirit,plant,and animal kingdoms are very real.As mankind spiritually awakens he will begin to understand and accept this,creating a world where peaceful and loving interactions between all expressions of God are the norm.


The world's collective consciousness is opening to ideas of oneness.Events of chaos bring people together in basic and practical ways that often"jump start" their awakening process.Both rich and poor,"important" and not"important" individuals are being affected by fires and floods.Some who have always considered themselves to be better than everyone have suddenly found themselves on equal footing with those they believed they were better than which is forcing them to rethink their belief system.


Everything is as it needs to be.Everyone is learning and evolving into deeper spiritual awareness even when lessons take place in small and seemingly insignificant ways.Every single individual came to earth with a plan to experience,learn from,and then graduate beyond outgrown beliefs.


There are no accidents even though it seems that way.There is no death,only a change of location in every person's ongoing journey toward realizing that they are an infinite and perfect expression of God.


Separation is a dream that has hypnotized the people of earth for a very long time but increasingly more are ready to accept and live from a higher level of awareness.
It is impossible for any form of life to be separate from God.How could anything exist outside of that which is omnipresent? Do you believe in an omnipresent,omniscient,omnipotent God,or do you not? It is important to ask yourself this question.


Attaining a consciousness of Oneness with God and all ITs expressions is the evolutionary journey that every individual is on and no one can avoid.As you go about your day,keep a little part of your awareness always knowing the reality of who and what you are and releasing any remaining concepts about ceremony,Sunday church,saints and gurus,or traditions as being necessary for God connection.


All is proceeding according to plan.


We are the Arcturian Group 

來自:Marilyn Raffaele      譯者:NickChan

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