2018年11月17日 星期六


天父說:   God said:


Baggage you carry with you is one thing. The concept of karma in the world is another. The difference may be subtle, yet the difference is momentous.


Yes, you may keep carting baggage from the past. Why would you keep dragging the past along with you on your next journey? You are smarter than that. Why would you go to all that trouble. For Heaven"s sakes, why would I?

不,我不要。    I wouldn"t.


Do I teach you that you are a hapless victim of the past, that karma is your pay-pack, that retribution coming back to you to haunt you, that the past won"t let you start over fresh, that the past follows you, even chases you, that you can"t escape it, that a deed the person you once were committed is now marked on your back with a skull and crossbones, that, tut tut, that you can"t do anything about leaving the past but to face the music?


Regarding this theory of karma, no one minds the karma of good deeds that you don"t remember yet are considered responsible for. This is a horse of a different color!

大體上來說,因果報應說的是要對做錯事的結果負責。你現在或許更加智慧了,即便如此,你仍然為了過去的事而受責罰。不管以何種方式,如果你對某人曾經不友善,即便歷經千年,他也會將這份不友善回報給你。以牙還牙,以眼還眼。就是這樣,無法挽回。這是你應得的,到了該付出代價的時候了, 所以從此要善待他人多行善舉,這樣你就不必在恐懼中擔憂未來了。

By and large, karma is thought of as consequences for regrettable behavior. You may be an entirely wiser person now, yet somehow, still your hands are slapped from the past. If you were unkind to someone, one way or another, someone will hand you back the unkindness you gave even millenia ago. Tit for tat. That"s it. There is nothing you can do about it. You earned this karma, and now it"s time for you to pay the piper so be good from now on cuz so you won"t have to walk in fear later.

何曾,我支持你們執著於恐懼? 從沒有。

Since when, do I endorse holding on to fear? I don"t.


I protest the idea that says you are stuck, that you can"t get out of it. You owe a debt, and you must pay it, or Life will dun you.


This is all retroactive. If this type of score is kept, where is love? Would I make the balancing act of a bookkeeper? A bookkeeper has to rectify everything, yet do you believe this is the way I rehash your life in Heaven?


I am not a bookkeeping kind of God.


I do not hold the past against you. You were innocent. If you did a misdeed, you didn"t know better. Even the laws of the world offer a certain number of years after which you cannot be accused. C"mon, now, are you saying that the world is more accommodating than I?


By all means, start off life with a clean slate.


Does this mean everything will always go your way? You know it doesn"t. Earth Life is not something you can figure out in layman"s terms.


Start your life from where you are. It is not for you to look for retaliation or an accounting as to why something unfavorable happened to you anymore than you have to figure out why something outstandingly favorable has to be accounted for.


In every case, the question to ask is not:"What did I do to warrant this?"


In every case, the question to ask is:"What is my next step? How do I move on from here?"


If you cannot go back in time to reverse something that has already happened, why go back at all? Why look back at all? What kind of vibration does thinking of a sad past give you? Why look to blame yourself or anyone else? Everyone knows that life can change in a moment. My advice is to hark to the present.


Greet the present now. Embrace it. Why not? Drop the idea of karma as an equal return retroactively due you for past offenses. I have no fondness for grudges.


Move on. Forge new paths. You are living a new life now. You have surpassed the past. If you have risen from the past, well, you are risen. I say you are risen.


Birds sing every morning. Instead of listening to all the thoughts you listen to, listen to the birds sing. The birds sing of thee.

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