2018年11月9日 星期五


天父說:    God said:


Oh, yes, I hear you cry out:
"God, am I ever going to be content in life and with myself and others? Am I ever?"

你認為你已經有了答案。 那個你隨身攜帶的答案是"不,永遠不會"。你似乎執意於要過艱難的生活。

You think you have the answer. The answer you carry around with you is "No, never." You seem to be stubbornly attached to a hard time.


Dear One, you have always had yourself climbing hill after hill, struggling to reach a peak. It isn"t easy for you to recognize how high you have climbed. Recognize this now.


There is no the top. There is more to come. You don"t have to crave it, yet you will have it. You tend to pull yourself up by your bootstraps. This means you don"t or won"t, for the life of you, go through life in a carefree manner, is this true?


Of course, even this is okay, for you are A-OK.


You are magnificent in My book. You are a golden diamond that has come to visit great blessings. You and I, We are a Circle of Oneness. Like a kite, We fly around the world, heaping blessing upon blessing. We wrap ourselves up, and We take off on a magic carpet for high places as One, flying together on the One Same Flight Plan.


We have a journey together. We stay in one spot, yet We journey far. Distance does not exist. We are at no distance, yet it seems so to you, whereas the fact is that We are contained within the other. Not contained, no, that"s not it. There is no other. We ARE. We are IT!


Oneness alone is. There is no getting away from this illustrious news. We are One, even as you conjure up a tale of woe. Try conjuring up a tale of wonderment.


To your beaten-down heart, it is as if We play a duet when, all the while, it is one pair of hands whose fingers fly over the unseen piano keys. Who is the Listener? Who is the Player? We cannot tell our One Self apart, nor can We be torn asunder. You think We have been torn asunder, and, as you think, you convince yourself. Start on another track.


You may appear troubled to yourself, yet this is a game of Two-ness that you play. You roll the dice to your vantage and disadvantage. Sometimes, in your orneriness, you roll the dice in joy at losing, as if your task is to prove you are inept. At these times, you feel affirmed and confirmed, as if losing wins you points and puts you on the forefront. You have starred in fault and seem to think proving yourself at fault as a triumph of modesty.

沒有必要以這樣或那樣的方式來證明你自己。我已經說過了。我站在你們的立場上說話。你認為自己從繭中分離了出來, 你一直持有這種輕率的想法,就如同你有權利可以不正面看待自己。你們是我的孩子。所以修正你們的思想吧。我已經命名你作為我的繼承者。我任命你作為我的意願制定者。然而你好像更願意迴避我贈予你的權利。

There is no need to prove yourself one way or another. I have spoken. I speak on your behalf. You are coming out of your Cocoon of Separation, this thoughtless thought you carry around as if you had the right to look at yourself askance. You are My child. Set your thinking aright. I named you the Inheritor of My Will. I make you Testator of My Will. You seem to prefer to shy away from the power I bequeath upon you.


If you cannot believe in yourself, can you not believe in Me with all your heart and might? What do you fear will happen to you when you put My mantle around your shoulders? This is not a huge surrender. It is a little surrender to breathe a sigh and say:"Yes, God, I am Yours. Once and for all, I am Yours."


Look, we made a contract long ago, and now it"s time to sign your name to our contract renewal. I put My seal on it. Swear yourself in. Sign here. We are pledged in Heaven and on Earth. Make it official now.

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