2019年2月1日 星期五


天父說:    God said:


Beloved Children, must you always be where you want to be? Sure, you want to be where you want when you want.


Other times you simply may not know where you want to be. You may well know where you don"t want to be. Your present life may not be at all what you want it to be.


Now, it"s good that you have work to go to even when you would rather be somewhere else. Not every job is a plum or your cup of tea. At the same time, it is better to have a workplace to go to rather than to have no work at all.


Freedom is good. Structure is also good. Structure has its merit. Within structure, there is also freedom in how you deal with structure.


Of course, it would be fine if you – and everyone — had a workplace that suited you to a T. Only you don"t always know what suits you, or it may be that no place suits you.


Fortunate are the ones who have work that is greater than putting in time and waiting to punch a time clock when your shift is over.


It may be better to go to school than not to go to school, even when school is not perfect. Of course, every school student wants to be appreciated, most especially when he is not.


Of course, there is compromise in life, and there is overwhelming compromise that seems to cut your soul in two. A median place may not fill your heart to the degree you deserve and desire.


Sometimes, life as it appears, is a pickle. You may have few or many choices, none of which seems to fit the bill. What to do about this unknown quality called being satisfied, or even half-way satisfied, with your own life. Even in a field of dissatisfaction, there can be great rewards.

As you go along in life, you may wonder how much life and work seem to keep you down. Within the parameters of your life, how much do you accept, and how much are you to go out in the world to seek your fortune? Where does your happiness lie?


When you seem to tackle life rather than enjoy it, remind yourself that life comes along in increments. A particular part of life may soar today, and another part may fizzle out. You ask:"Do I ask too much of life or not enough? I would devour happiness if I knew how. I am not at all sure that the complete happiness I desire is possible."


There are those stalwart human beings who serve in whatever capacity they serve and take life as it comes. The workplace is not the measure of their worth. They do not persist in sizing up life. They work to support their families, and that is fine with them. Wherever they happen to be in the context of their lives, they are content.


Some people work in one field all their lives, or even at one job. Others jump around. Who from the outside is to say which is better? Perhaps what you have takes you further than you know.


Make friends with the life you live. It may be possible to exceed the life you lead. The workings of each life have different stories to tell. Even the intolerable, seen in new light, can be well worthwhile.


Is life, your life, to be tallied? Is life an enterprise to add up and subtract to find its merit? Certainly, your life has more to say than past history.


May you find joy in every single moment of life as it is, for your life is yours. Life is yours, and your life is what you make of it. What you say about your life is what you make of it. There are all kinds of accomplishments, and you have accomplished. You may have accomplished more than you recognize.


Begin to recognize. Give yourself some accord. You are living a life on Earth. The life you live on Earth – you may be excelling in it. Certainly, there is not another life just like yours or another person just like you either. You are one in a million.

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